Ajitsuke Tamago Egg- Bonito

Ajitsuke Tamago Egg- Bonito

Savory with a sweet aftertaste, Eggnovative's ajitsuke tamago egg represents one of our finest Japanese egg creations.  With a firm egg white, and soft golden yolk, enjoy the authentic taste of Ajitsuke Tamago egg in a convenient resealable pack. Eggs are pre-peel for each snacking. Enjoyable as lightly chilled or warmed.

Famously used as a topping for ramen but can be enjoyed as a snack anytime. Power Snack Pack consist of two Ajitsuke Tamago marinated eggs in a resealable convenience pack.

  • Features: Ready to eat product
  • Shelf life: 14 days (Chill)
  • Storage: 4-7°c (Chill)

Free from Harmful Bacteria


FREE from Chemical/ Preservative


Ready to

Serve Hot or Cold