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Our Story 

Starting back in 2008, we were the first company to pasteurize eggs in Malaysia. And we still are. In addition to our pasteurized shell eggs, we offer a wide range of ready use pasteurized egg products and other innovative solutions.  


We're a company that values food freshness and safety. We know that when we supply our customers quality products with the highest standard in freshness and safety, they could meet consumers' changing demands,  innovate and grow even further.  

We manufacture our products in compliance under JAKIM Halal, ISO 22000- Food Safety Management.

Our Team

The Safe Food Corporation – over 100 strong – tirelessly work every day to exceed expectations and consistently deliver exceptional egg products. Backed by excellent product and customer service, we help our retail and food service industry partners boost their bottom line. Our manufacturing plants in the Klang Valley are positioned to quickly deliver our quality eggs and egg products - Every time.

Safe Food Corporation houses a thriving brand portfolio that offers a wide range of egg products and solutions.  

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Eggnovative Food Sdn Bhd to produce the safest food for everyone.

Our commitments toward quality is:

  • Fulfill customer’s, statutory, and regulatory requirements in our operations through the provision of safe and high-quality food products.

  • Ensuring competency of staff within the organization in compliance with Food Safety Management System.

  • Ensuring fulfillment of ISO22000 and HACCP requirements and execution of continual improvement in the Food Safety Management System.


We strive to be the leader in providing egg-related food processing products to the Southeast Asia and East Asia region.

Our commitment:

  • To provide the safest food for everyone at all times.

  • To research and develop innovative pasteurized products.

  • To create public awareness and benefits of PSE products.

  • To promote and enhance the “Eat Safe, Live Healthy” concept to all customers.

  • To be responsible to the communities by delivering only the highest quality and safety of our products and services.

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