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A Comprehensive Range of Egg Products

for Food Service

If there is one thing we could agree upon - prevention is better than cure.


Protect your brand, business and customers by removing the food safety risk present in using ordinary eggs.

Safegg and Eggnovative Food's egg products are naturally made safer by pasteurizing eggs with a warm water bath to eliminate 99.99% of Salmonella and other harmful pathogens—without cooking the egg.


​Safely serve half boiled eggs and or other popular egg dishes that require undercooked or raw egg.

Safe Food Corporation delivers quality pasteurized egg products.


Our capabilities include exceptional customer service, support and innovative programs.


All to help our retail and foodservice partners exceed their goals and boost their bottom lines.

Meet Our Brands


Shell Eggs and Egg Products

Our Restaurant Partners

With so much eggs and egg creations in our house, we have something for everyone.

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