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Food Sectors

Supermarket Trip
Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

Provide your customers with the top pasteurized egg brand that stands out and above the rest

Ramen Restaurant
At the Bakery
Bakeries and Cafes

Safegg is used by many international franchises and restaurants.

Simplify your kitchen operation with our egg solutions that would save you time and reduce cost while keeping your customers safe.

Provide your bakers with the most versatile egg today.

Whip up any bread, pastries and desserts you need for your business.

Ready for School
Education Centres

Get kids to eat healthier meals  Keep your students well fed and safe with Safe Food's pasteurized egg products.

Hospital Corridor
Senior Men Playing Chess
Elderly Care Homes

Serve tasty yet safer meals to your patients. With 99.9% free of Salmonella and bacteria, Safe Food eggs are pasteurized for maximum food safety - ideal for individuals with weaker immune systems.

Cooking the right meals for seniors sensitive stomachs while meeting dietary requirements can be challenge. Simplify food preparation with our pasteurized egg solutions.

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