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Safegg is where the whole egg evolution began.


Using a Korean award winning pasteurization technology, we are still the first and only shell egg pasteurization company in Malaysia. 


Since 2008, the company has pasteurized millions of eggs for local and international market.


Well known through its green logo and green egg casing, you'll be able to find the eggs at all major premium supermarkets such as Aeon, Ben's Independent Grocer, Cold Storage,  Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Mercato, and many more.


As an established food industry supplier, we also supply our pasteurized shell eggs for local and international food chains in Malaysia.


Being the creative engine of the Safe Food family, Eggnovative innovates new egg products for retail and food businesses.


Being a major food industry player ourselves, we know innovation is critical in order for your to remain competitive in the marketplace.


Our talented team of chefs and food professionals work tirelessly to create craveable and simple-to-prepare egg products that are tastier, safer and easier for your business while increasing profits.


Your profitability matter to us as much to you.


With more than 13 egg products, you'll surely be able to find the right solution for your food operation. But if didn't, we are more than happy to collaboratively innovate an egg product that is right for you.

Yes, we heard you loud and clear!As the latest brand in the family, we created Eggshipper in response of your raving fans' request for pasteurized egg delivery service.


And we are currently delivery within the Klang Valley area.


If your would like to get your favourite eggs delivered to your doorstep, please visit

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